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Donovan and Tiffany Wicks met at the age of 14 as freshman in high school. A decade later, they began dating which led to marriage, two dogs, and two kids. Throughout their relationship, mental health has played a primary role, as Tiffany has a mood disorder in addition to being a therapist. Donovan learned over the years how to support Tiffany through the ebbs and flows, but it takes no less toll of emotional energy. From these experiences, the pair talk to others about partnership and mental illness and how to navigate the highs and lows together.


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         I may be a therapist, but I can get #inamood too. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and it's a fight every day to be well. Add that on top of parenting, working, partnership, and family, and there's so much to balance! I am here to help you on this journey as you juggle all the things in your life.

         I use a unique approach to counseling with transcendental meditation and guided transpersonal psychology and reflection. Through inner connection with the mind and body, we can explore trauma, stress, and learn how you can heal yourself. I look forward to joining your journey to better living. 

         I am a licensed professional counselor in Connecticut and Texas, and I own private practices in both.  I received my Masters in Counseling from Southern Methodist University and Doctorate of Education from Johns Hopkins University. I like to nerd out reading biographies on Audible, shopping with my 5 year-old, and binge watching Netflix series.


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Dr. Tiffany Wicks, Ed.D,



Owner, Clinical Director

Tiffany, one of the counselors based out of Greenwich, Connecticut.
Sivan, one of the counselors based out of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Sivan Aulov, MS, LPC Associate


Hi, I’m Sivan! Being a 20-something to 30-something year old is tough, and I love helping young adults build healthy, fulfilling relationships, navigate periods of transitions and adjustments, and making progress in transforming your life. Together, we explore the underlying causes of the reoccurring themes and patterns in your life that bring you discomfort or uneasiness, and then work together to help find a path to personal growth and purpose. I believe in a process of uncovering deeper aspects of self, including thoughts, feelings, and desires, to tap into potential ways of moving forward and creating change. We will work to develop a plan to help you achieve your desired goals and outcomes, using your existing strengths and experiences.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate in Connecticut and Texas, and received my Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Psychology from Southern Methodist University. In my spare time, you can find me curled up at my local coffee shop reading a book, training for my next marathon, or watering the various plants I have in and around my house. 



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